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  1. Unbiased Professional Advice from 4 independent attorneys for Military Divorce and Family Law near you
  2. Four consultations, mean you get 4 professional legal opinions surrounding military divorce or legal separation at no cost to you.
  3. Four estimates of potential alimony, financial settlements & child support tailored for service members or enlistees– also free
  4. Four lists of practical advice – know your rights and your spouse’s rights too.

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Our process ensures your legal search is done efficiently and in less time. Protecting your military benefits with consideration of military awards or decorations in the divorce settlement.

Consultations are set up based on zip code and as such, military service members and their spouses are connected to attorneys for military divorce licensed in their zip code. This way, if necessary, you can meet with your legal counsel locally while not impeding the consultation progress.

How to Hire the Best Military Divorce Lawyer

Military divorce can be different from civilian divorce in several key areas. Because divorce can be the most stressful time of your life, you should be shown what to expect. Communication is key to eliminating surprises. Therefore, while interviewing attorneys related to military family law issues keep this in mind.

Other Key Services You should Require from Army Lawyers or Divorce for Military Spouses

  • Experience with military family law cases.
  • Compassionate and personalized representation.
  • Strategic planning of the military divorce process and representation throughout.
  • Regular updates from the lawyer for the military with the client.
  • Transparent fee structure and billing practices with explanations of all military spousal and or child support.

Gathering Basic Information Helps the Divorce System Work for You:

  • You’ll need to have some basic information about how it works before you can hire the best military divorce lawyer.
  • Unlike civilian divorce, the authorities might be involved in certain outcomes of army or military divorces.
  • It is common to wonder what benefits you might retain or lose after a military divorce.

The information you need about all of these issues will need to be given to you before you hire a military divorce lawyer that can meet your needs. We’ll outline all these details right here on this page. Stick with us.

Don't Rely on Hearsay or Advertisements, Try to Get as Much Verifiable Information as you Can.

Expert Legal Assistance:
Legal Yogi provides expert legal assistance to those who are going through a divorce. They can guide their customers through the complex legal process and provide them with the right advice to help them make informed decisions.

Emotional Support:
Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally draining experience. Legal Yogi can provide emotional support to their customers, helping them cope with the challenges of divorce and providing a listening ear when needed.

Legal Yogi can help their customers save time by handling the legal formalities and paperwork involved in a divorce. This allows the customers to focus on other important aspects of their lives, such as their work and family.

Legal Yogi offers their services at a reasonable price, which makes it cost-effective for its customers. They can save money by not having to hire expensive lawyers or spend time and money on unnecessary legal proceedings.


Differences between Military and Civilian Marriages Ending in Divorce

  • Military Benefits

Divorce is as common in military marriages, but they work differently because of the military benefits involved. You generally lose all if not most of the benefits you have as soon as you get divorced by a service person unless you have been married to them for 20 or more years.

  • The Children:

However, your children will be able to enjoy the same benefits that they did before. So, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ welfare being influenced by a military divorce or family law in any way.

Hiring the best military lawyer is all about finding a person with enough experience dealing with similar cases. Asking your prospective attorney the right questions will get you there soon enough.

What happens if you Get Divorced in the Military?

  • Location is important:

The state law and local regulations and procedures that apply to a military divorce change from place to place. That is why it is best to do some research close to home when you are dealing with a military divorce.

However, there are some things that apply to almost all military divorces. Knowing these can save you from wasting a lot of extra time and money.

  • About Attorneys Provided by the Military:

Free legal advice is usually available for military members and their spouses in such situations. However, both spouses should not be taking advice from the same military divorce lawyer. That is important to prevent a conflict of interest. The other spouse will have to contact another military divorce attorney for their needs that may or may not be available at the same service station.

You are not bound to go with an attorney provided by the military for free legal advice. You can go with any other advisor available in your area as well. However, make sure you do your homework on their track record in such cases. Don’t rely on hearsay or advertisements and try to get as much verifiable information as you can.

If you have been married to a military person for more than 20 years, then you will be entitled to retain some or all of the benefits of being a military spouse after divorce

Does a Military Spouse Keep Benefits After Divorce?

The military spouse may or may not retain benefits after divorce. That depends on the length of that particular marriage. If you have been married to a military person for more than 20 years, then you will be entitled to retain some or all of the benefits of being a military spouse after divorce.

Military Divorce also involves Civilian Court

It’s still very important to talk to a legal advisor. Remember that divorce is always sorted out in a civilian court. Military divorces also involve the civilian court. That is why it is important to consider hiring a civil lawyer for a military divorce.

What is a Military Wife Entitled to in a Divorce?

As a military wife going through a divorce, you need to know what you will be entitled to. From installation housing to healthcare benefits, your divorce is going to affect everything. Here’s how.

  • Your Family’s Housing

Your family house can be one of your biggest concerns. That is why you need to know that you will be losing the family housing within 30 days of the divorce being finalized. As soon as the service member or other family members move out, you will lose the installation housing that you got from the military service.

  • Costs Incurred During Moving

If you are located at an overseas duty station, then you will be worried about the cost of moving back to the US as well. The military may cover the costs of moving from overseas. Even if that is not the case, you will be able to negotiate the cost with your ex during this time.

Healthcare Benefits Your Spouse Is Entitled To

The military wife will lose the primary healthcare benefits as soon as the divorce is final. However, you can extend it for an additional 36 months through the Department of Defense Continued Healthcare Benefits Program.

  • About Your Child’s Healthcare

If you are worried about your children getting any healthcare benefits after the divorce, don’t worry. They will be keeping their healthcare benefits up till the age of 21 for sure. They can retain them even till the age of 23 if they go to college.

Family and Child Support During Military Divorce Settlements

You might be worried about your children getting the support that they need after a military divorce. Every military service has its own policies about this. However, you will need a court order to get that settled. Relying on a commander is not enough.

Can a Military Divorce Lawyer Help with Military Benefits and Pensions?

Concerned about your ex-spouse getting your military retirement in a divorce? The number of years that your wife has spent with you can entitle her to up to 50% of your military retirement in case of a divorce. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act entitles a military wife to a share in her ex-husband’s military retirement if she has spent even less than a year with him. Consult with your lawyer to mitigate any concerns. Mediation and settlement negotiations are quite possible.

Knowing the proper demands to make and what your military spouse’s rights are can be better developed while consulting with a local law firm focused on military divorce and family law matters.

what can I expect from Legal Yogi.Direct and Unbiased assistance straight from the pros understanding of military divorce laws and regulations, such as, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA).

• We are not the service provider therefore, we connect you with multiple INDEPENDENT and UNBIASED legal advisors familiar with military divorce proceedings.
• We do NOT receive commissions if you hire. Our services are 100% free and without obligation
• We do NOT advise consumers to choose any of the professionals, as they are independent and we are not obligated to any of them. Consult with the top law firm closest to you and only work with those that EARN your trust.

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What are some common mistakes service members made?

Not relying on a plan: if you do not ask your attorney for a plan, it will prove to be a disastrous mistake.
Seeking a Referral: Asking for a referral is not always best, the referral may not understand your needs or best interests. DO YOUR HOMEWORK
Considering gender while choosing an attorney: The gender of your attorney has no role to play in the case. Hence, favoring one gender over the other when choosing your attorney is another common mistake.
Matching case statistics: Matching case statistics to see whether cases like yours have been represented and relying on their results will not help you much.

Military Divorce Lawyer
Military Divorce Settlement

Mostly Asked Questions about Hiring a Military Divorce Lawyer?

Can spouses receive money from the retirement of military servicemen?

Spouses may receive up to 50% of retirement, depending on the length of the marriage. Spouse is not entitled to disability income of military member.

What rights do I have?

Your rights include Equal distribution of marital assets and debts, custody of children (in many circumstances), and the right to claim alimony if applicable.

Can a military divorce be finalized while one spouse is deployed overseas?

Military personnel is protected by (SRCA) the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This law prevents them from having to deal with a divorce while deployed.

What happens to a military member’s security clearance during a divorce?

The divorce process itself will not affect an employee’s security clearance however, there are circumstances that put your security clearance at risk, such as drug use, medical limitations, or criminal acts.

Until what age do children of military divorce receive health insurance?

Up until age 21. If a child is going to college, the age is raised to 23.

What are the steps involved in a military divorce?

First, get consent, then file in the proper state; next, learn your and your spouse’s rights. Additional legal counsel is recommended surrounding property division, finances, and children.

What are common mistakes that are made during a divorce?

Manipulating finances, bringing up a new partner when it is not required, and not compromising.

How many years does one need to be married to continue receiving military benefits after divorce?

One needs to be married for 20 years to continue receiving military benefits after divorce.

What should someone look for when choosing a divorce lawyer?

Legal experience, representational experience, empathy, and unbiased beliefs.

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