What Do You Need to File for Divorce?

Before your divorce case can begin, you must file a petition through the court and deliver it to your spouse. In most cases, you will also be required to file a financial statement that provides the specifics on your property, income, and expenses. Other documents that may be required include an agreement for settlement (if … Read more

How to Determine the Value of Undivided Assets in Divorce

Couples planning to divorce must determine the value of undivided real estate and other types of assets. Not every divorce ends in a 50/50 division of property. The division of community property involving a business entity jointly owned by the divorcing couple, shareholders, and investors can pose problems. Selling the business and splitting the proceeds … Read more

What Is My Wife Entitled to if We Divorce?

During divorce in community property states marital property is usually distributed 50/50 between both parties, but each person maintains possession of any separate property each owns. In states that are defined as equitable distribution states, all assets and income the couple accumulated throughout the marriage are distributed in an equitable manner. However, this does not … Read more

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