Eversource Data Breach

How to Claim Your Free Identity Protection and Credit Monitoring Services

Data Breach

Eversource Energy Services of New England announced recently that some of their customers in Connecticut and Massachusetts may have experienced their personal information being exposed due to a data breach at one of its vendors, CLEAResult. CLEAResult provides services related to energy efficiency programs offered by utilities, including Eversource. The breach occurred as part of an attack targeting MOVEit data transfer software used by many organizations for secure file transfers – attackers could gain entry via LemurLoot web shell and steal files before publishing some online in return for ransom from victims.

Eversource maintains that this data breach did not directly impact them; however, some customers enrolled in CLEAResult programs (solar incentive, energy efficiency and electric vehicle-grid modernization programs). Depending on the program, various kinds and amounts of data were displayed. As part of a data breach in Connecticut involving 1,400 customers who participated in the solar incentive program, their names, addresses, contact details, utility account and usage details, and Social Security numbers were stolen. Eversource disclosed to Connecticut customers who participated in its electric vehicle incentive program that their names, addresses, contact information, utility account usage data and usage patterns had been exposed – though no Social Security numbers had been leaked. Some Massachusetts customers were also affected, although Eversource would not elaborate further or reveal how many or what kind of data was involved in this data breach.

Eversource has issued a statement asserting its commitment to customer data security, working alongside CLEAResult in investigating an incident and complying with all laws. Eversource advises its customers to monitor their accounts regularly for unusual activity that might indicate potential scam attempts; should any suspicious activity arise they should contact Eversource immediately using the phone number listed for their state/region on Eversource.com.

Eversource recently announced that CLEAResult will offer free identity theft and credit monitoring services to any affected customers who request them. These services can help customers protect their personal information against identity theft and fraud while alerting them of changes or inquiries made to their credit reports. Identity theft and fraud can have serious repercussions for consumers such as damaging credit scores, opening unauthorized accounts under their names or using personal data illegally; so it is highly advised for affected individuals to take advantage of these free services offered by CLEAResult.

How to Claim Your Free Identity Protection Services and Credit Monitoring Services

If you were among the customers notified by Eversource about the data breach, following these steps can help you to claim free identity protection services and credit monitoring from CLEAResult:

Visit Eversource.com and enter the activation code provided in your notice letter. If you do not know this code, call 1-833-903-3646 to obtain one.

Follow the instructions on the website to enroll in free services. In order to create and verify an account and your identity, some personal data such as your name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth and Social Security Number is needed. We will use this data to create your account and profile.

Once you subscribe to free services, you'll gain access to various features and benefits like:

Identity Theft Insurance

This coverage offers up to $1 Million for expenses associated with recovering stolen identity, such as legal fees, lost wages or fraudulent charges.

Identity Restoration

Identity theft resolution specialists can assist in restoring your identity and addressing any issues caused by identity theft or fraud.

Credit Monitoring

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion monitors your credit reports regularly to notify you of any changes.

Credit Reports and Scores

This service allows you to access your credit scores and reports from major credit bureaus for free at least once per year.

Fraud Alerts

By placing fraud alerts on credit reports, you can warn potential creditors of identity theft and other types of fraud.

Credit freezes

You have the ability to freeze or unfreeze your credit reports to protect yourself from unauthorized access or use of your information.

Dark web monitoring

Involves constantly scanning the dark web for any sign that your personal information may be being sold or traded by cyber criminals.

Lost wallet assistance

This service assists in canceling and replacing lost or stolen credit cards, debit cards, driver’s licenses or any other identification documents that have been lost or stolen from your wallet.

CLEAResult offers free identity protection services and credit monitoring for one year after you enroll, without incurring any penalty fees for canceling. After one year is up, continuing these services may incur a monthly fee – however, this decision is voluntary and not mandatory.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Data Breach Letters: What You Should Know

Upon receiving a data breach letter from an organization with whom you do business, it can be tempting to ignore or delete it outright. After all, data breaches seem commonplace and it may seem like your information is unimportant or nothing bad will happen to you; but this would be a grave error that can have dire repercussions for your security, privacy and finances. Here are some reasons why ignoring data breach letters could have severe repercussions for both yourself and society as a whole:

A data breach letter will notify you what kind of data has been exposed and how it may impact you. Depending on the amount and type of data compromised, you could be at risk of identity theft, fraud, phishing, spam, blackmail and other cybercrimes; such as hackers gaining access to your name, email address and password and then trying to use these credentials on other online accounts using similar credentials; similarly if Social Security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers were made public then cybercriminals may attempt to open accounts in your name or make unauthorie transactions; data breach letters usually provide details as to exactly which kind of data was exposed as well as how cybercriminals may use such information to exploit cybercrimes against victims.

Data breach letters provide you with free or discounted services to cushion the effects of data breaches. Companies or organizations who experience breaches typically provide their affected customers with complimentary or discounted services that protect both identity theft protection, credit monitoring, fraud alerts, credit freezes, dark web monitoring or identity restoration to mitigate further harm to their data and identity. A data breach letter usually contains instructions on how to enroll in these services and for how long these services will remain active – an indication that services might help in recovering more effectively than before the breach occurred.

A data breach letter will outline what steps can be taken to secure your accounts and data from further attack. Aside from enrolling in any free or discounted services provided by the company or organization affected by a data breach, other steps include changing passwords, updating security questions, enabling two-factor authentication, reviewing account activity statements and statements from banks/credit card companies as well as reporting any suspicious activities to authorities and checking credit reports – each company should offer advice in this area as part of a data breach letter.

As can be seen, data breach letters should not be ignored or deleted; rather, they are an invaluable source of information and assistance that may help mitigate the effects of data breaches and protect both you and your identity. Therefore, if you receive one from any company or organization with which you have an account, take note that it contains instructions and act quickly on it.


How can I know if I was affected by the Eversource data breach?

If you were affected, Eversource should have sent you a letter or email informing you of which kind of data had been exposed and steps you can take to protect yourself. If no such communication has come your way, call 1-833-903-3646 in order to ascertain whether you were indeed impacted.

If I suspect any unusual activity on my account or identity theft/fraud, what should be my next steps?

If you suspect any unusual account activity or identity theft or fraud, Eversource should be your first point of call using their state/region phone numbers available on their website (Eversource.com). In addition, report suspicious activities directly to the Federal Trade Commission at IdentityTheft.gov where you can create an individualized recovery plan and get access to your free credit report. Furthermore, notify all relevant financial institutions including banks, credit card companies and others of any unauthorized transactions or accounts as soon as possible.

I would like to learn how I can enroll in the free identity protection and credit monitoring services provided by CLEAResult.

In order to enroll in free identity protection services and credit monitoring from CLEAResult, visit Eversource.com and enter the activation code provided with your notice letter (if you don’t have it you can call 1-833-903-3646 for one), followed by the following instructions on the website to enroll.

For how long will CLEAResult's identity protection and credit monitoring services remain free?

Our free identity protection services and credit monitoring will last one year from your enrollment date. You can cancel at any time without incurring a penalty fee; furthermore, continuing the services after one year by paying a monthly fee is entirely optional and not mandatory.

Eversource data breach was an unfortunate occurrence that exposed some customers’ private data to cybercriminals. If you are one of the affected customers, take advantage of CLEAResult’s free identity protection services and credit monitoring services to protect yourself against identity theft or fraud. These services can assist in monitoring your credit reports, notifying you of any changes or inquiries on them, providing assistance in restoring your identity following theft/fraud incidents, as well as covering up to $1 Million of expenses related to recovering them. To activate your free services, visit Eversource.com and enter the activation code found in your notice letter. If you have any inquiries or require assistance, contact either Eversource or CLEAResult using their respective phone numbers listed in your notice letter.

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