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Do you know that the FTC has received 5.7 million reports of identity theft in 2023 already?

Every 22 seconds, an American has their identity stolen.

Maryland’s identity theft laws have got you covered if you’re facing identity theft. These laws are intended to address the increasing threat of identity theft. They have been put in place because it’s a crime that can have significant financial and emotional effects.

Under Maryland law, identity theft involves knowingly using another person’s personal identifying information. Identifying information can be anything – it can be your name, Social Security number, credit card information, or financial records. If someone accesses any of this without your consent and with the intent to commit fraud or other illegal activities, then it’s identity theft under Maryland law.

Maryland categorizes identity theft offenses based on the extent of economic harm caused to the victim. If the victim suffers economic losses exceeding $1,000 due to identity theft, the crime is classified as a felony, specifically a Class C felony.

That means that whoever did it or has responsibility for it will face more serious consequences. However, if the economic losses are less than $1,000, the offense is considered a misdemeanor. That clarifies the state’s intent to hold offenders accountable for a wide range of identity theft cases.

Why Do You Need an Identity Theft Lawyer in Maryland?

Everyone looks for “identity theft attorneys near me” when they are thinking of getting legal support for identity theft. That’s because lawyers familiar with local laws are better equipped to handle identity theft in Maryland

Wondering what an identity theft lawyer can help you in? We have made a list of reasons why someone might need an identity theft attorney in Maryland:

Transactions That You Don't Remember Making

Got a notification for a transaction you didn’t make? That can be the first indicator of identity theft. Financial gains are one of the most common motives for identity theft. If your transaction history has anything that looks unfamiliar to you, contact an identity theft lawyer immediately.

Facing the Consequences of Crimes You Didn't Make

One of the biggest problems that identity theft victims face is being held accountable for things they didn’t do. The person who stole your identity can use it for any illegal activity that will be traced back to you. If you are being accused of something you know you didn’t do, talk to an identity theft lawyer.

Employment-Related Identity Theft

Someone might try to use your identity as an employee to get benefits from your employer. That’s called employment identity theft, and it’s also very common in the US. If you think someone used your employee benefits, you need to start talking to identity theft attorneys in Maryland.

Legal and Financial Issues At the Same Time

People who steal identities usually do so to steal money. They may also use your identity to collect debts from people you know. That’s how identity theft victims end up facing legal and financial challenges at the same time. If you have been affected by something such, talk to an identity theft lawyer.

Recovering From What Has Happened

Once you are sure you have been the victim of identity theft, you face the challenge of handling it. Recovering from what happened and staying safe from it in the future are very important issues for identity theft victims. That’s another case in which identity theft lawyers in Maryland can help you out.

Identity Theft Attorneys in Maryland: What Do They Do?

Curious about the steps an identity theft lawyer takes to assist you? Here’s a rundown of the services an identity theft attorney in Maryland can provide:

Give you one-on-one consultations to help you understand what’s happening and what you can do about it

Craft a strategy to protect your identity from further exploitation and help you recover from all the existing damages

Fight for you in court and get you the compensation you deserve for going through it

Study Maryland’s identity theft law and use it for your benefit as much as possible

Negotiate with the opposing parties on your behalf in case you need an out-of-court settlement.

Food For THought

How to Report Identity Theft in Maryland?

Facing identity theft and unsure of your next steps? Begin by reporting the incident promptly to the police and relevant authorities. That’s the only way you can protect your personal and financial information from further exploitation. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to reporting identity theft in Maryland:

The first step is to reach out to your local law enforcement agency. If you suspect identity theft, alert them about the incident. An important thing to remember is that you have to provide details of fraudulent transactions and unauthorized activities.

Collaborate with the law enforcement agency to file an official report. That’s the best way of documenting the identity theft’s impact on you. You might need to prove all of that in court later on.

Get in touch with the Maryland Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. They have the knowledge and the resources to help you out immediately.

Inform your financial institutions about identity theft. By requesting freezes on your accounts, you can prevent unauthorized transactions. Notify major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) to place fraud alerts on your credit reports.

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their official website. You can also call their Identity Theft Hotline at 1-877-ID-THEFT (1-877-438-4338). The FTC can assist you in devising a personalized recovery plan and reporting the identity theft to relevant authorities.

At all points, remember that keeping records is the most important thing in an identity theft case. The law can’t protect you if you can’t prove what happened. You are going to need documented information to present in court.

Keep track of everything. Turn on mobile app notifications, keep checking your transaction history, and stay on red alert for some time. Don’t let the criminal use your leaked information against you in new ways.

It’s very common for identity thieves to call you and pretend to be agents from some organization. That’s how people steal money from bank accounts through fraud. They can ask for any sensitive information by pretending to be a business you’re registered with.

Only an experienced identity theft lawyer in Maryland can help you secure your rights. You will be the safest when you have legal support. Recover from identity theft quickly by hiring an identity theft attorney.

Choosing the Right Identity Theft Attorney in Maryland

The outcome of your case hinges on selecting the right attorney. Consider these steps to determine if an attorney is the ideal fit for you:

Pinpoint What You Need

You need to be sure of what you want before you hire someone to help you get it. A lawyer can help you only if you know what you’re looking for. Talk to the attorney who is offering everything that is your top priority.

Do Some Research Locally

Check any sources that might give you a list of local lawyers who specialize in identity theft in Maryland. You need to know all your options and pick the one that suits you in every way.

Check Qualifications and Experience

Always make sure that your identity theft lawyer is qualified for the job. You should also ask them to tell you about their recent cases. They must have the required experience in dealing with identity theft.

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Talk to Their Past Clients

You need to know past clients’ experiences with a lawyer to get a realistic idea of what to expect from them. Get in touch with as many past clients as you can.

Schedule a Meeting

Get a one-on-one consultation from your lawyer before you trust them with the entire job. Find out all you can about them.

Discuss Their Strategy

You and your lawyer need to be on the same page for you to get the results you want from the case. That’s why it’s important to discuss their strategy and approach to the case.

Get a Quote Without Hidden Fees

Make sure you get them to tell you all about the fees they are going to charge you. Don’t leave any surprises for later that might put you in a tight spot.

Benefits of Our Identity Theft Legal Services

Curious about the advantages of choosing us for identity theft legal support in Maryland? Here are five factors that set us apart:


We Know the Maryland Identity Theft Law

The reason why you’re looking for a lawyer in Maryland is because they would know the state’s laws better. We have all the knowledge and experience we need to solve identity theft cases in Maryland.


Our Lawyers Know What They’re Doing

Our identity theft attorneys have a high success rate in legal proceedings. They can fight for you in court better than any other lawyer you will find in Maryland. Try us to trust us.


We Prioritize Your Needs

You can talk to us about everything you need. We will listen to you and make sure that the case goes in a direction that benefits you the most. Your needs will always be our priorities.


We Don't Overcharge

We will be transparent about all our fees. You don’t have to deal with hidden fees or pay more than you need to. We never overcharge our clients.


Out-of-Court Resolution

We can be of help to you even if you are planning to negotiate with the other party and reach a resolution outside of court. We have experience helping people arrive at fair out-of-court settlements too.

Key Features of Our Identity Theft Legal Support

Explore the distinctive features that set our legal services apart in aiding identity theft victims:

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Cost Savings

We offer competitive rates, ensuring that obtaining legal assistance won’t be a financial burden. Our solutions are tailored to be cost-effective for you.

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Enhanced Compensation

Trust us to secure compensation for all your losses, including emotional distress. Our commitment extends to restoring your financial well-being.

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Swift Resolutions

We will solve your case and end your pain faster than anyone else in the area. Trust us to bring an identity theft case in Maryland to resolution quickly.

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