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What Happens When the Identity of Your Child Gets Stolen?

Child identity theft can have severe consequences for both the child and their family. Anyone whose child has fallen victim to identity theft is likely to encounter many challenges and issues that need to be addressed. We have listed below some common problems associated with child identity theft:

Child identity theft often goes unnoticed for extended periods, as we may not regularly monitor our child’s credit or personal information. By the time we discover the theft, significant damage may have already occurred. Sometimes we don’t notice the theft for years. Sometimes it doesn’t show up until we try to register our child for college or he tries to obtain a credit card, car loan, or rent an apartment.

Identity thieves can exploit a child’s personal information to open fraudulent accounts, obtain credit cards, or engage in other financial activities. As a result, victims may face accumulating debts and damaged credit histories, leading to challenges in securing financial stability in the future.

We might suffer emotional distress after discovering our child’s identity has been compromised. This can have a devastating effect on the entire family, especially the child. It can lead to feelings of violation, fear, and insecurity, and lead to trust issues in various institutions.

So How Do You Overcome or Avoid This Unwanted Tragedy?

Seek legal assistance specialized in child identity theft cases to address the challenges effectively.

Work with professionals who can guide you through the legal process and provide expert advice.

Gather comprehensive documentation and evidence to support your claims of child identity theft.

Consult with legal experts who have experience in handling identity theft cases involving minors.

Take proactive measures to restore your child’s identity, such as removing fraudulent accounts, repairing credit damage, and securing their future financial well-being.

Engage with professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of child identity theft.

Collaborate with credit bureaus, financial institutions, and relevant entities to rectify the impact of identity theft.

Stay informed about your legal rights and the available options for pursuing justice and protecting your child’s future.

Educate yourself and your family about identity theft prevention strategies and best practices.

Seek emotional support for your child and family members to cope with the distress caused by child identity theft.

The Benefits of Working with Reliable Lawyers and Lawyer Agencies

Legal Representation

Lawyers and lawyer agencies can represent you and your child in court hearings, mediation, arbitration, or settlement negotiations.

Identity Support

Lawyers and lawyer agencies can provide you with emotional and practical support throughout the identity theft ordeal.

Save Money & Time

Clients can save time and money with their help, as they handle legal matters effectively and efficiently, and offer flexible fee arrangements and payment options.

Varieties of Legal Support

They can assist clients in finding various legal skills and resources, and offer customized and fitting solutions to their particular needs.

working with reliable legal experts

If you have a legal issue, you may think about getting a lawyer. There are several things to think about. Here are some reasons why having a lawyer on your side may be helpful, such as:

Statistics on Child Identity Fraud

Child identity theft is a serious and growing problem that can affect your child’s future credit, education, employment, and more. According to various sources, millions of children’s records are stolen every year by fraudsters who use their personal information to open accounts, apply for benefits, file taxes, or commit other crimes.

A 2021 report by Javelin Strategy & Research found that one in 50 children in the U.S. were victims of identity theft last year, resulting in losses of $918 million. The Identity Theft Resource Center reported that 1.3 million children’s records are stolen every year, and foster children have an even greater risk. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed that over 22,833 identity theft victims were under the age of 19 in 2021, accounting for about 4% of all identity theft reports.

A study by Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab showed that children aged 15-18 were at the highest risk for identity theft, accounting for 43% of the cases reported, while children aged 5 and under were at the lowest risk (7%). These statistics show that no child is immune from identity theft, and the impact can be devastating for children and their families. That’s why it’s important to protect your child’s identity and monitor their credit regularly.

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How to Protect Your Child from Identity Theft?

Whether to protect their children from physical harm or keep them healthy throughout the year, parents can go to great lengths to keep them safe. But while we are protecting their present, it is also important to protect their future. As parents, it is our duty to keep our children’s personal information secure from thieving eyes. Thus, they avoid financial ruin as a result of paying for their credit before they are legally old enough. In order to ensure the safety of your child’s personal information, here are some valuable steps you may want to take to protect child identity:

Warning Signs that Your Child May Be a Victim of Identity Theft of Children

If your child receives mail that is normally addressed to adults, such as pre-approved credit cards or other financial offers, he or she could be a victim of child identity theft.

When you are attempting to open a financial account for your child only to discover there is already one available or the application is not approved because of poor credit on your child’s name, it may be a sign of child identity theft.

Suppose there is already a credit report in your child’s name. In that case, the thief may have already been targeting the person for identity theft. A consumer credit report only exists after someone applies for credit.


Legal Supports We Offer For a Child Identity Theft Case

Remember, each case is unique, and seeking professional legal advice is crucial to address the specific challenges you may face in dealing with child identity theft.

Our experienced attorneys will carefully assess your child’s identity theft case, examining the details, documentation, and evidence to understand the extent of the theft and the potential legal avenues available to pursue.

We provide personalized legal guidance to help you understand your rights and options. Our attorneys will explain the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures associated with child identity theft.

Legal Yogi will help you prepare the necessary documentation required to report the identity theft and pursue legal action. Including drafting affidavits, gathering supporting evidence, and filing complaints with relevant agencies.

We can connect you with the credit bureaus, financial institutions, and other entities so you can monitor your child’s credit reports and identify fraudulent accounts by removing inaccuracies, disputing fraudulent transactions, and restoring your child’s credit.

Our legal team will act as your representative by communicating with law enforcement agencies, credit reporting agencies, and financial institutions. We will advocate for your child’s rights, ensuring appropriate action is taken to investigate the theft.

In cases that require legal proceedings or negotiations, Legal Yogi can provide skilled legal representation. Our attorneys will advocate for your child’s interests, pursue legal remedies and seek compensation for any damages incurred due to the identity theft.

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Common Questions about Hiring Child Identity Theft Attorneys

What is child identity theft and how does it happen?

A: Child identity theft is when someone uses your child’s personal information, such as their name, date of birth, or Social Security number, to commit fraud or obtain services or benefits. This can include opening bank or credit card accounts, taking out loans, applying for government benefits, filing tax returns, or renting a place to live. Child identity theft can happen in various ways, such as data breaches, phishing scams, mail theft, or family fraud.

How can I check my child’s credit report and freeze their credit?

You can check your child’s credit report by contacting the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) and requesting a copy of your child’s report. You will need to provide proof of your identity and your relationship to the child, as well as proof of the child’s identity. You can also freeze your child’s credit by contacting the same credit bureaus and requesting a freeze. This will prevent anyone from opening new accounts in your child’s name without your permission. You will need to provide the same information as for checking the credit report, as well as a personal identification number (PIN) that you will use to lift the freeze when needed.

What should I do if I suspect or discover that my child’s identity has been stolen?

If you suspect or discover that your child’s identity has been stolen, you should take immediate action to stop the fraud and limit the damage. Some steps you should take are: contacting the companies where the fraud occurred and closing or freezing the accounts, reporting the identity theft to the FTC at or by calling 1-877-ID-THEFT (1-877-438-4338), filing a police report with your local law enforcement agency, contacting the credit bureaus and placing a fraud alert or a freeze on your child’s credit report, and reviewing your child’s credit report for any errors or fraudulent activity. You can also contact Legal Yogi to get the best lawyers for you identity theft case.

How can I find a lawyer for my child’s identity theft case?

You can contact Legal Yogi for your child’s identity theft case by visiting their website at , where you can find more information about their services, browse their content on legal topics, and request a free consultation with a professional.

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