Men and Divorce

Men face challenges after divorce, just as women do. While men’s difficulties tend to be different, some men have the same issues of financial stability, health, social interaction, and single parenthood with all that entails. Both men and women face financial challenges, sometimes including bankruptcy, following divorce.

“In my experience here, I do believe there are some common causes.… The most common ones that I believe cause bankruptcy are medical issues, divorce or separation issues, job loss and one of the most common ones nowadays is people who have foreclosure issues and/or being stuck in a property they can’t afford.”

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If you’re considering bankruptcy as part of your divorce, review this bankruptcy comparison chart outlining the different types of bankruptcy:  

Men, Divorce and Visitation

Divorced men with children often must create a workable visitation schedule. Unfortunately, some women use their children as leverage to get what they want in the divorce settlement. Statistically, because men generally make more money than women, they end up more often on the sending rather than the receiving end. While some prefer to let the court to decide, other men will give the children’s mother whatever she wants just to be able to see their children.

Difficulties Men Encounter in Divorce

Men have many of the same responsibilities for their children as before divorce. As a result, they must find a way to support themselves while also helping to support the family and maintaining close relationships with their children. They encounter these and other challenges:

  • Stress over alimony and child support payments
  • Fear of losing their children’s love
  • Stress over losing financial control
  • Leaving their home and living on their own
  • Struggling to learn how to cook, shop for food, clean house, pay bills, do laundry—and all the responsibilities their partner always performed.
  • Involving themselves in child-rearing after years of depending on their wives to handle those duties.
  • Effects on their health and emotional well-being
  • Changes in their social lives

Challenges of Living Arrangements

Especially in an era of high cost of living and high unemployment, housing arrangements may also create challenges for men. Divorce may result in a man having to live with friends or relatives. Some even remain in the marital home as nothing more than a roommate to save money.

Gone are the days when divorcing couples would never consider remaining under the same roof. However, with the rising cost of living, you may have to weigh the pros and cons.

  • Is it better to live in the same home with your ex-spouse while saving the cost of child support and/or spousal support?
  • Can you maintain an amicable relationship with your ex?
  • Will remaining in the home be better for your children?
  • Would you be more comfortable living with friends or relatives?
  • Can you afford to rent housing without struggling to pay bills after paying child support and/or spousal support?
Divorce can created challenges in housing arrangements. Can you afford to rent housing without struggling to pay bills after paying child and/or spousal support?

Remaining in the same home will not work for all couples. However, it may work for those wanting to remain close to their children while financially able to support them. A competent divorce attorney can help you make the right choice for yourself.

Divorce and Men’s Health

Divorce takes a toll on the physical and mental health of both parties, even under the best of circumstances. A recent study published in the Journal of Men’s Health (JMH) confirms that divorced people, both men and women, suffer higher rates of mortality, depression, illness in general and substance abuse than do married people.

Here are a few of the more common physical and emotional health problems experienced by divorced people:

  • Due to a weakened immune system, divorced men and women get more colds and cases of flu
  • Divorced men have significantly higher incidences of cancer and heart disease
  • Both divorced men and women experience extreme changes in their weight
  • The mortality rate for divorced men is nearly 250 percent greater than with married men
  • Divorced men suffer more heart attacks and strokes than non-divorced men.

Changes in Social Life

Men leaving long-term relationships will find changes in their social lives. Friends of many years may disappear, choosing to side with the ex. Necessary social functions may become awkward if the ex-partner also attends. Changes in the dating world—online dating, speed dating, etc.—may confuse and discourage them.

Many men wait a while after divorce to re-enter the dating scene. This allows them to get settled again and manage their new responsibilities.

Many men wait for some time after divorce to re-enter the dating scene. This allows them to get settled again and manage their new responsibilities. These are a few situations you may experience.

  • Learning to make new friends other than those you share with your ex-spouse.
  • R-entering the dating scene after years of marriage or long-term relationships
  • Finding where to go to meet women with your interests
  • Returning to the dating scene while also trying to schedule time for your children

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