Do You Have to Prove Paternity in Florida?

In the US, 30% of the paternity tests performed come back negative.

Knowledge of paternity rights and laws becomes crucial, particularly where legal implications are considerable, like Florida. It is in this case that we interviewed Attorney Jennifer Milne with South Florida Legal Rescue out of Palm Beach County to get the answer to a very common question: Do you have to prove paternity in Florida? Jennifer is a member of the marital and family law section of the Florida Bar Association.

This may be read to mean that paternity does not attach rights for the father alone but also some iota of responsibility on the part of the father towards the child. Establishing paternity is an important aspect that an unmarried father in Florida has to ponder upon, considering his interest in asserting his rights. 

Such interference and alienation can have significant implications in child custody cases. The court’s decision can be influenced by these things and the children involved can have emotional and psychological issues due to this.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity in Florida

Jennifer Milne said that without paternity established by question, an unwed father has little to no rights regarding the child in Florida.

The implication of this could be very serious, particularly in cases where the relationship of the parents is shaky or out of contact.

It, therefore, means that the establishment of paternity is not a mere formality; rather, it is very important in laying claim to legal rights as a father.

How to Establish Paternity in Florida?

Jennifer also let us in on a few ways through which you can easily and legally establish paternity in Florida.

1. Mother's Stipulation

The mother can acknowledge the paternity of the child.

2. Blood Test

A DNA test is one of the most common and scientific ways to establish paternity.

3. Father Registry

The Father Registry is that system by which a man who believes himself to be the father of an unborn child registers an actual claim to paternity. This is also more so recommended for couples who are not married since it serves as a notice of likely paternity. 

The Consequences of Not Establishing Paternity in Florida

Jennifer says, “Many fathers have dug themselves into a legal pit in situations where the mothers of their children die, and they had no knowledge of their being alive, or the paternity was not established.”

For example, a father may come to know that his children were neglected or that they were in some legal proceedings without his knowledge. 

Under such circumstances, non-existence of legal paternity may prove to be one of the biggest obstructions for the father to intervene and take over the custody of the child.

That is why you should consider proving paternity for your child and gaining legal rights over them as soon as possible if you are a parent with unproven paternity. 

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A Real-life Scenario of Non-established Paternity

Consider the case of a man who was unaware that a woman he was seeing had become pregnant and left.

He would later shockingly come to learn that he had a daughter who was in and out of the hospital due to falling prey to negligence and being malnourished.

Such a scenario would find the father in a tricky situation to intervene with the protection of his child due to the lack of well-established paternity rights.

This should sound a warning for them to establish paternity not just at a court of law but for the welfare of the child.

Seeking Legal Help

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Legal situations like these can be intricate and emotionally taxing. Navigating these complexities is the better part of wisdom, usually hand in hand with professional legal advice. Legal Yogi has information from more than 260,000 professionals and covering over 30,000 ZIP codes across the United States. 

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Establishing paternity in Florida goes far beyond being a legal formality; it is a very important step towards ensuring your rights and those of your child. Should one get into such a scenario where paternity is in question, then he must act fast to seek legal advice. 

Remember, proactive is always better than reactive in matters of paternity and child welfare. For further help and legal assistance, contact Legal Yogi today. Wisdom is just a click away.

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