Can I Reduce My Support Payments and Still See My Child in Florida?

According to the ACF, parents paid $32.7 billion worth of child support over the course of fiscal year 2021.

A world where the legal protocols are pushed against the unwieldy dynamics of economic deprivation, is it any surprise that so many families are pushed through the minefield of child custody and support? Recently, Christy O’Connor of Legal Yogi sat down for a one-on-one with Attorney Jennifer Milne from South Florida Legal Rescue in an illuminating interview on these hot-topic points. 

A revered figure within the Marital and Family Law section of the Florida Bar Association, Milne’s observations touch on a subject that affects the lives of most families within Palm Beach County of Florida, with special regard to fathers: How do they balance the financial and commitment responsibilities owed to their children against their rights to take part in their children’s lives?

Child Support and Fathers’ Rights to Meet Their Children

What, then, seems to be at the heart of their concerns—one asked far too often by fathers in West Palm Beach: How does their child support obligation impact their rights and access to the children?

Milne recognizes this issue as a common challenge among dads grappling with the current job market’s difficulties. Not that any of them is willing or responsible for this, but it reflects the economic strains and lack of jobs that affect most families. 

This puts another formidable obstacle in the way of a father striving to be in a position where he can meet his child support obligations, yet at the same time meaningfully involved in his child’s life. 

Misconceptions About Child Support and Parental Rights

The best point of Jennifer Milne comes with the emphasis being laid on the legal distinction arising between the child support obligations and the right relating to time-sharing and access to children.

She explains quite categorically that the father’s finances—or lack of them—cannot be the basis on which the father is declared to have or not have rights to his child or the child’s welfare in the eyes of the law.

This is necessary to counter the misunderstanding that financial difficulties are valid reasons for a parent not to have a part in his child’s life. In fact, he argues hotly against that and states how parents need to maintain the relationship of the parent and child in every economic hardship. 

Economic Realities that Impact this Issue

This then brings out the agony of parents who find it difficult to meet because they are caught up in repaying either the child support or just meeting their basic needs. 

For those who come up short, it suggests they seek child support reduction with a modification as a viable and necessary course of action.

Here is advice that underlines the difficult choices many parents find themselves in and the kind of legal help which would guide them through such complex scenarios.

Reducing child support is important for many non-custodial parents that are unable to meet the requirements easily. How it impacts their visitation rights is their most important concern in many cases. 

If you’re going through a similar issue, talk to a lawyer from Legal Yogi today.


Child Support Payments in Florida

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As insightfully and empathetically commented by Jennifer Milne, she is doing much more than attempting to lay clear the difficulties of child custody and support but is also drawing attention to the rights that come associated with cultivating a life with any parent, irrespective of what it may be standing financially.

Her expertise and guidance show a way for hope and lights in the winding cases of economic exigency and filial responsibilities.

With this, in an effort to strike that fine balance between the financial liabilities and unwavering responsibility towards one’s children, much help in finding their way through the legal maze of child support and custody in Florida is insight into Milne’s ideas.

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