Criminal Identity Theft

When Is Identity Theft Considered Criminal Identity Theft

Identity theft is considered a crime where personal information is obtained by a criminal. Theft of goods, money, and credit are soon to follow. We at Legal Yogi would like you to understand that is not always the case. Identity theft comes in many forms. Criminal identity theft is the type of fraudthat occurs when a person uses someone else’s identity during an arrest, investigation, or questioning. It has even happened in some cases where the perpetrator has been arrested and convicted using the name of another person, leaving an innocent person with an unearned criminal record. Identity theft criminals are often able to impersonate, probably because they have access to your social security number and other relevant information.



If you are concerned about criminal identity theft in the USA, the following information may interest you:

  • How are criminals able to assume someone else’s identity?
  • What should you do if you are a victim of criminal identity theft?
  • What are the penalties for criminal identity theft?

How are criminals able to assume someone else’s identity?

It is often noted that the victim has no idea of been victimized until something drastic happens, such as getting pulled over for a routine traffic stop and suddenly finding yourself handcuffed, in the back of the squad car, headed for jail. Usually, this happens when someone (often someone the victim knows) has gotten enough records and information on the victim to get a social security card and maybe even a driver’s license under the victim’s name.


What Should You Do if You Are a Victim of Criminal Identity Theft?


If you fall prey to Criminal Identity Thieves, the burden for clearing your name falls to you. You can choose to hire an attorney, spend tons of money and countless hours trying to determine the steps to take in order to clear your name, and then more countless hours doing it, or you can simply take advantage of one of the identity theft services like the one at, and let experts guide you. Legal Yogi offers online criminal identity theft services to help you get your identity back. No matter what you decide to do, you must make a quick decision and jump right into action. First, you will have to contact your local police department immediately. Your second step is to contact the Federal Trade Commission, the national clearinghouse for all types of Identity theft, at 1-877-382-4357. Those are the two most important steps you can take in the beginning to clear your name, but the road isn’t going to be easy since there is no standard protocol for clearing an erroneous criminal record.

What are the Penalties for Criminal Identity Theft?

Back in the early years, there were relatively no charges and even fewer ways to prove an identity thief guilty of criminal theft charges. However, with the growth of the crime, criminal charges for identity theft were declared a federal crime in 1998. Then again in 2004, the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act instituted an additional mandatory two years of sentence to be added to the original sentences of anyone convicted of aggravated identity theft. So, rest assured that if one ever decides it is a good idea to commit identity theft, criminal charges will be sure and severe.

Criminal identity theft is a severe crime. The user-friendly, no-obligation information provided by Legal Yogi can get you on track to protect your identity, but it is important that you act today!


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