Drunk Driving Attorneys

Drunk Driving Attorney

Legal Yogi can make no mistake about it, drunk driving is a serious offense, and if you are arrested for Driving with under the influence (often called DUI or DWI) you are going to need the help of a drunk driving defense attorney. A person found guilty of driving drunk (having a blood alcohol content of .08%–or lower in some states–while operating a motor vehicle) will have long lasting repercussions and effects for their actions. Here are some things to consider:


What is Drunk Driving?

According to laws against drunk driving, you can be administered a breath alcohol test at the discretion of a police officer if you have been stopped, even randomly, and the officer has reasonable cause to suspect you are driving a vehicle, and he has reasonable cause to believe you have been drinking. Some reasonable causes to suspect you have been drinking are:


Drunk Driving is operating a motor vehicle when you have a blood alcohol level of:

  • Having committed a moving violation while operating your vehicle, such as reckless driving
  • Having been in a motor vehicle accident
  • Have obviously consumed alcohol
  • Having committed a moving violation while operating your vehicle, such as reckless driving
  • Having been in a motor vehicle accident
  • Have obviously consumed alcohol

Consequences of Driving Drunk

Of course the most serious consequence of driving drunk is the needless injury, or even death, of yourself or an innocent person who just happened to be in your pathway. There are other consequences as well, and though they are less severe, they can have long lasting effects on your life. Some of the more common consequences are that, according to Drinking and driving laws, a DUI or DWI can lead to costly fines, points on your license, loss of your driving privileges, community service, court-ordered rehab, a DUI charge may lead to a revoked or permanently suspended driver’s license, exorbitant fines, points on your license and even community service and even a jail sentence.

How a Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Help

Because of the increasing instances of alcohol related traffic incidents including traffic fatalities, drunk driving laws and penalties are getting stiffer for people who do decide to drive drunk. If you are a victim of a drunk driver, you need all the help you can get to make sure that justice is served, and you receive the restitution you deserve. Only the expertise of an accredited attorney with skills and knowledge in drunk driving laws can get you the results you deserve in a court of law. It is imperative, both as a deterrent to drinking and driving and providing just restitution, that you have the best representation you can get.



If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI, you need a drunk driving attorney to represent you in court. You may feel like you deserve the fullest punishment the law will allow for your lapse in judgment, but the truth is, every case is different, and only a good drunk driving lawyer can make sure that your punishment fits your crime, and provide the evidence in court to persuade the judge and/or jury concerning why your punishment is justified or unjustified.

For example, if your DUI was a first offense, and there were extenuating circumstances, would it make more sense to take away your driving privileges or allow you to use your license to continue to get to work every day while you made restitution for any damages?

These are not things you can argue for yourself, but with the help of Legal-Yogi.com, you can find the information you need to make a decision concerning getting the right attorney for your individual case. With the no obligation, user friendly tools provided, there really is no reason at all to wait to get the ball rolling, so that you can get past this dark time in your life, and move toward a better, brighter future.

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